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Anyone born and raised in Southern California can’t help but feel the car culture in their bones, and for some, it is engrained so fully that it becomes their livelihood and lifelong passion. That is Bruce Landfield. Born in Gardena California in 1961 and a resident to this day, he was also exposed to entrepreneurship, and how to run a successful automobile business at his Father’s auto dealership, starting with washing cars in the summer at an early age and progressing to a management position in the fledgling rental car department.


Travels through Europe and college courses in Fullerton while he worked at Roll-Along, Inc., his Father’s van conversion company opened his mind to the pursuit of some lofty goals, so he landed at the University of Denver in 1983 to earn a BSBA degree with a double major in finance and marketing.


Bruce felt the pull of the auto industry and has been involved ever since.  Returning to the van conversion company, working in sales and progressing to general manager, he grew the company into a first-class producer of specialty vehicles and earned the number one quality award in manufacturing from the Ford Motor Company three years running. Trucks and vans were stripped and re-trimmed with high end components created and manufactured by the expanding company. As the recession of 2008 devastated the industry, Bruce quickly moved forward once again.


He took on a role at AMP Research, a previous supplier to the van conversion company, stepping in to create a technical service and support team for the company’s groundbreaking new automatic running boards.


While continuing to design, manufactuer and distribute his own products to the specialty vehicle market, he sensed opportunity when many in the automotive business feared the once when the pandemic hit. 


It was time for a quick pivot. Resurrecting the well-known and greatly respected Roll-A-Long brand, Bruce began designing and building van conversions.  People might have to curtail trips abroad, cruises, vacations with others, but they would still look for ways to get out and see the country in comfort. He likens his vans to a Swiss Army Knife, vans that can do a lot of things for a wide range of customer's needs. “Anything in or on a van” is the Roll A Long motto.  The hot new camper van industry is seeing growth and will continue to as long as innovation and quality are the benchmarks.

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